At AlphaSaid, we believe success is predicated on listening to experience. We help leaders be excellent at what they do by letting them do what they know how to do, while we handle the pieces of their business that they don’t have time to do well.

There’s experience here, listen to it.


On-Demand COO

We fill the gaps for all of the operational roles that could amount to dozens of people when you don’t have time to interview them, hire them and give them direction on how to make your business run.

Let us take care of the business of your business.



Proven strategies and systemization result in outstanding outcomes across the entire business and customer journey for sustainable and profitable growth. 



Does your organization need a strong, brave, fierce leader, unafraid to make the tough decisions and act on them? 

AlphaSaid is founded and led by Sarah N Battaglia, the whole package of a true leader. Sarah is an experienced and effective technology executive with 20+ years' experience, offering a unique combination of strategy, leadership, process systemization, diplomacy, and communication skills. She has a proven track record of surpassing enterprise goals and client expectations, in a range of fast-paced environments from start-ups to international corporations.

AlphaSaid is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with clients circling the globe. Comprised of a dynamic and experienced team of best-in-class professionals, AlphaSaid assembles the right team to ensure that each client's goals are not only met, but exceeded!

Specializing in:

  • Operational Strategy, Readiness, and Effectiveness

  • Digital Transformation Change Management

  • Customer Success, Engagement, and Journey

  • Training & Education (technical and soft skills)

  • Account and Revenue Management

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Building


Recent & Relevant Experience

Change Management & Education Specialist
Vituity - Enterprise Digital Transformation
Emeryville, CA

Global Head of Customer Success
Treasure Data
Mountain View, CA
2017 - 2018

SVP, Success & Operations
San Francisco, CA
2015 - 2017

Sr. Director of Education, Global
San Francisco, CA
2011 - 2015

Sr. Director Technical Training & Communications
Delta Dental
San Francisco, CA
2008 - 2011

National BICC Training Management Consultant
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA
2005 - 2008

Sr Systems & Business Analyst
Levi Strauss & Co.
San Francisco, CA
2003 - 2004

Technical Lead Software Development Engineer
Gap, Inc.
San Bruno, CA
2000 - 2003



B.S., Business Administration, Accounting
Sonoma State University


Guiding Principles

Expect greatness - from yourself in everything you do and from everyone around you.

Praise in public; construct in private.

Give credit where credit is due - don’t take credit for what another has done well; own your organization's opportunities for improvement and improve them.

Work hard and enjoy your hard work.

Have grace.

Never settle - in business, as in relationships: Be passionate! If not, move on.



We can talk about ourselves all day, but what really matters is what others say about us. We'd be happy to provide you with some references that can expand on some of these thoughts as we move into an engagement together.

A startup is faced with a lot of decisions, most of which have to be made swiftly, and have sweeping and lasting impact on the business. Sarah’s breadth of experience with corporate management and operations informs her wisdom and lends authority to her advice. Having her on our advisory board gives me incredible peace of mind.
— Lee Lance, ecobot CEO/Co-Founder
Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, she is the “go to person” when difficult issues arise. She has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision not only for the Customer Success team, but for the organization as a whole. Her vision for overall organization success is what will take a company far beyond their current expectations.
— Gavin Wilson, Sr CS Consultant
It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Sarah Battaglia as an amazing leader with skills that span from business intelligence analytics to training to management of a broad spectrum of employees, both technical and creative.
— Natalie J Case, Published Author
Sarah is one of the most detailed-oriented customer management professionals in the industry and has amazing leadership abilities. Her talent for assembling strong teams and making everyone in her team feel valued is the best I’ve witnessed in my 20+ years of account management. Sarah understands the goals and KPIs of her team and helps them to ensure those goals are met. She has an impressive ability to work with clients to understand their long term critical business issues and spends time with her team solving them so they can deal with the day-to-day grind. There’s not many people I would drop everything and anything to help out if asked to. Sarah is one of those people.
— Scott Busch, Sr CS Management Consultant


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